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Julia de Montagnac

the founder

Our founder Julia de Montagnac, a current student at Princeton University, who has dyslexia, is intensely passionate about destigmatizing dyslexia. Not knowing she had dyslexia until her senior year of high school, Julia had to compensate for her reading difficulties with visual and tactile learning techniques to succeed in school. However, these compensations were widely beneficial in her eyes, as they allowed Julia to exercise artistic skills, imagination, and creativity in her daily life.

Julia empowers others to partake in the view that dyslexia is a strength. She committedly advocates for the widespread use of diverse teaching methods, such as the visual and tactile techniques that helped her succeed in school. These pedagogies foster an inclusive and uplifting environment for students with learning disabilities.

Diversity in teaching offers the opportunity to cultivate a myriad of innovative perspectives from students of different intellectual backgrounds. Through Coloring Confidence, Julia strives to redefine education by creating a space where diverse teaching and thinking are celebrated.  

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A Global Scale

When you join Coloring Confidence's community, you are joining a global community of changemakers. 

Coloring Confidence works internationally with members of the dyslexic community, both those who have dyslexia and those who work with dyslexics. Together, we uncover how the dyslexic mind is invaluable to society.  

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The HEART Method

At Coloring Confidence, we have developed H.E.A.R.T., an acronym that encompasses our central values.

Harnessing Confidence from Within

At Coloring Confidence, we prioritize empowering individuals with dyslexia by nurturing their self-confidence. We believe that confidence from within can be transformational, enabling students to overcome academic challenges without perceiving them as reflections of their intellectual abilities.

Education Illuminates Opportunity

Coloring Confidence utilizes education to foster a deeper comprehension of dyslexia, with the ultimate goal of illuminating the unique opportunities that arise from the dyslexic mind.

Accessible for All
At Coloring Confidence, our mission is driven by an unwavering passion to create an inclusive environment where education is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Every student deserves an equitable opportunity for growth and success. Thus, we are resolute in our commitment to providing affordable and accessible interventions for individuals with dyslexia. 

Reasonable to Understand

Finding assistance for your child's learning disability can be an overwhelming journey. Researching dyslexia often leads to convoluted texts filled with indecipherable scientific jargon or a flood of web pages offering conflicting information, leaving you unsure of where to begin. Coloring Confidence simplifies the process for you. We offer digestible and clear information, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to support your child. We understand the importance of accessible resources and strive to be your trusted one-stop shop for everything related to dyslexia.

Tangible Learning

At Coloring Confidence, we believe in the transformative potential of art to create a dynamic educational experience for all. By incorporating art, abstract and perplexing concepts transform into visual and concrete representations, greatly benefiting individuals with dyslexia who thrive in visual learning environments. Moreover, art serves as a catalyst for creativity, making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for students.

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