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The Journey of Art Integrated Teaching

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To improve the self-esteem of students with language-based learning differences through art.


The Erasing the Stigma Video Series

Listen and learn from the advice of experts as we work together to erase the stigmas surrounding language based learning disabilities.

Dr. Robert Ballard

Oceanographer who found the Titanic, the Bismarck, and PT-109 National Geographic Explorer in Residence

Mr. David Flink

CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute award winner, founder of Eye to Eye national

Dr. Brock Eide

Co-author of the Dyslexic Advantage and the Mislabeled Child, founder of Neurolearning

Ms. Jeanne Betancourt

Six time Emmy Award nominated screenwriter 



Testing, tutoring, and intervention for language-based learning disabilities should not be expensive. However, unfortunately, they are, putting these necessities out of reach for many. The services displayed here are free or affordable resources for testing, tutoring, and intervention.


NeuroLearning's Dyslexia Screening Test App provides accurate dyslexia screening for those between the ages of 7-70 years old for $49.99. Click below to learn more.


  • The Children's Dyslexia Centers

  • Decoding Dyslexia

  • Dekko Comics

  • Eye to Eye National

  • The PRIDE Reading Program

  • Starfall

  • Nessy

  • Easy Word Count

  • Academised

  • Paper Fellows

  • Spreadsong


About The Coloring Confidence Enrichment Program

Coloring Confidence is an enrichment program for students with dyslexia (and other language based learning disabilities). The art integration based projects completed in this program are designed after the Social Studies and Language Art lessons students are learning in school. Coloring Confidence aims to improve students' self-esteem by showing them that dyslexia is not a disadvantage; instead, it is because they have dyslexia that they have uniquely creative abilities. Through this enrichment program, students will learn lifelong artistic skills that they can apply to help work out their academic struggles. The art projects found on this blog are modeled after an elementary school curriculum; however they can easily be adjusted and applied to any student's lessons to help them learn in a fun and artistic way.

What is Art Integration?

Art integration is an artistic approach to teaching that makes learning visible by demonstrating academic topics through art forms. By creating a visual and hands-on representation of what is being taught, students can better understand the lessons. Art integration is beneficial to most students with dyslexia (and other language based learning disabilities) because people with dyslexia (and other language based learning disabilities) struggle with reading comprehension; however, art integration employs visual comprehension. Neither students nor teachers need an artistic background to use art integration. The complete art projects do not have to be elaborate; simply creating a visual representation of the lesson will be beneficial to the learner.




A student does not need previous art experience to create or teach an art integrated projects. Kids will achieve the benefits of art integrated learning by simply making the project their own.



"Art has also been proven to increase individuals' resilience by increasing their overall quality of life and fostering their confidence as they grow in different skills such as drawing or sculpting."



Having dyslexia entail gifts that can help students triumph. Some of the worlds most brilliant engineers, entrepreneurs, actors, film makers, and billionaires have dyslexia. When a student with dyslexia's confidence is cultivated their success is unstoppable.


Coloring your Confidence


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