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Our Solar System: Fifth Grade Science


By the end of the lesson, students will create collages representing each planet in the solar system using magazine clippings and clip art to depict the color, physical features, and climate of each planet. Students will demonstrate creativity in selecting images that relate to the characteristics of each planet.


• Pre-cut cardboard or heavy paper for the base of the collage

• Magazines with a variety of images

• Scissors

• Glue or glue sticks

• Colored pencils or markers (for additional details)

• Planet reference images


1. Begin by watching the attached solar system video.

2. Explain to the student that they will be creating collages that represent each planet in a creative and unique way, using images from magazines and clip art.

3. Explain that for each planet, they need to find images that represent the planet’s color, physical features, and climate. Let the student search for images that can be creatively repurposed to represent the planets. For example, an image of a tall person might symbolize a large planet.

4. As the student find appropriate images, they should cut them out and arrange them on their cardboard base to create a collage that reflects the characteristics of the planet.

6. Encourage students to use their imaginations and be creative with the images they select.

Discussion and Sharing:

1. Once the collages are complete, have the student present their collages.

2. Ask the student to explain the images they chose and how they relate to the planet’s color, physical features, and climate.


1. Lead a brief discussion on the experience of creating the collages and how it helped them learn about the planets in the solar system.

2. Ask the student to share any challenges they faced and how they overcame them while selecting and arranging images.

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