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  • One large sheet of paper

  • One sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper

  • Coloring materials

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Pen


  • Ruler

  • Decorating materials (such as stickers and glitter)


  1. On the 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper help the students make 3 list. One list should be labeled person, one labeled place, and one labeled thing. Then, for 2-5 minutes, students can think of words to put each category and a parent or teacher can help students write down these words. The words do not have to relate to each other.

  2. Take the large sheet of paper and hold it horizontally. Fold this paper in half horizontally (like a hot dog).

  3. Then divide the paper into vertical sections by folding the paper like a hamburger. The student can choose how many comic boxes they want, then fold accordingly (the number of vertical folds needed= the number of boxes desired divided by 2). I wanted 8 boxes so I made 4 vertical folds.

  4. Take a pencil or marker and outline the lines of the folds.

  5. Have each students think of a story, the story should include one or more settings, people, and objects. The students can use the list made in step 1 to help them think of people, places, and things to include in their story.

  6. Afterwards, student should sketch each part of their story into each box.

  7. The comic that they are making should only include pictures. These pictures can be as detailed or simplistic as the students' desire.

  8. After sketching, they should color and decorate their comics.

  9. Then the students should label each element of their drawing as person, place, or thing. If the students does not feel comfortable labeling writing on their comic, they can verbalized which element is a person, place, or thing and the parent or teacher can write this down on a separate sheet of paper.

  10. Finally the students can explain their story. While explaining, they should state why they thought the elements were either a person, place, or thing.

Storytelling example:

  • Box 1: The villain bat has taken over New York City.

  • Box 2: The city people are yelling on the street because they are scared of the villain bat.

  • Box 3: Superhero Julia hears about the villain bat and flys over the town to get to the city.

  • Box 4: Superhero Julia arrives in the city and rescues the scared city people by bringing them to safety.

  • Box 5: After saving the city people, Superhero Julia decides to fight the villain bat.

  • Box 6: The superhero and villain battle over the city.

  • Box 7: Superhero Julia beats the villain bat and it flies away.

  • Box 8: The city people are so thankful for Superhero Julia saving them, that they throw her a celebratory party.

  • The labels of my elements: I labeled the bat a thing because it is an animal; I label the superhero a person because it is a girl; and I labeled the city a place a city is a location.

Step by Step Photo Examples:


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